Nebraska Creative is a resource for discovering design, advertising, and creative agencies in Nebraska

About the Project

The Nebraska Creative is your go-to resource for discovering design, advertising, and creative agencies in the heart of the Midwest – aka good ol’ Nebraska. With the mindset of collaboration over competition, The Nebraska Creative embraces a diverse range of creative shops to showcase the assets and skills each has to offer – helping you find the perfect team of individuals ready to refresh your business and bring new ideas to life.

Aside from helping you elevate your business, The Nebraska Creative exists to encourage agencies and shops to stand together so we can collectively put ourselves on the map alongside other cities and states that are well-known creative hubs. Nebraska may be known as the Cornhusker State and as a prominent player in Silicon Prairie, but it’s also home to a hell of a lot of creative studios that can hold their own against the big guys.

We’re better together. It’s time to make our mark on the map.


I’m a freelancer, can I be on this site?

Soon! We’re starting small and working our way towards expanding into freelancers. There’s a lot of them in Nebraska, so it’s a bit of a daunting task. Fill out this contact form if you want to be added to the wait list.

What’s up with the home page?

Our goal is to feature student design work. It’s important to remember our roots, stay humble, and to lift those under us in our community. Education is a pinnacle cornerstone of setting our creative community apart. If you’re a student and have a cool project that you’d like featured, fill out this contact form.

I’m a wedding photographer, does that not count as commercial work?

Not by the scope of our list. We value you and your skillset, but the list would be endless if we included wedding and event photographers. There are plenty of other great services such as The Knot for you to utilize.

Why do you require creative shops to have been around longer than a year? Isn’t that unfair to the little guys?

We understand the startup hustle more than anyone else, but we want to make sure that the studios on our list are here to stick around for a while. Trust is an earned thing, and a potential client wouldn’t trust us very much if we recommended them a studio that suddenly disappeared.

I represent a creative studio and I’d like to pay you money to sponsor our listing. Is that something you do?

That would set an unfair advantage and would go against the spirit of why we developed this platform.

I had a terrible experience with one of the studios and I want to complain about them. What do I do?

We’re not here to put companies down. We recommend solving your differences with them directly using good ole’ communication and compassion.

I had a GREAT experience with one of the shops on the list. Can I share my story?

YES! Adding positive experiences and testimonials is on our road map, and the more data you can provide us the better. Please fill out this contact form .

I found a bug on the site, how do I report it?

That’s bound to happen. Thanks for finding it. Email and we’ll get it fixed.

I love you.

That’s not a question, but we love you too.